Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally Legal !

July 27th

At 12.00 sharp my phone rang n Mikesh was on the line calling to wish me. He was the first one to wish me.. I had finally turned 18. No more using FAKE id's to get in clubs and i was legal to do anything and everything. Bleh as if i had to wait to get to my legal age to do legal stuff !

I was in my room, engrossed in my studying when Mikesh n the rest called to wish me, as i had a Bio test on the 28th !

It was 12.15 and my parents n brother hadnt walked into my room to wish me, I thought they forgot and were fast asleep. Moments later, my room door slammed open and my mommy,daddy and brother came charging in with a yummay moist chocolate cake and wished me Happy Birthday. Happinesss !!

Dont ask me how the picachu figuring got there..

We were all in my parents room, cutting the cake and talking and the house phone rang... Some ah moi.. said '' Davina?'' n slammed the phone.

Another call came again and this time asked for my brother.. I was blurr as usual ;p

Then my brother and dad became so darn wierd.

bro : eh I think i can hear ur phone ringing
me : huh? no its rite next to me
dad : eh wats that noise coming from your room?
me : (still damn blur) huh? wat?
bro : go check it out !
me : oh okay.. ( i opened my room door).. wat u talking about? no noise also?
dad : wat the hell.. the noise coming from your bathroom
me : huh? ( now even more blur than before- thinking i must be deaf)
me: i opened the bathroom door
and and and...........

Out came lyn,jonathan,christy and azam holding a cake and singing Happy Birthday.
.. I was super surprised.. heeeeeeeeeeeee I was super happy.. and in my head i was thinkin .. that damn lyn prolly slept off forgetting to call me n wish me.. ehehhe i lOVE YOU guy! It was awesome....

I came back home and bummed around a little. Then my brother came back home n surprised me with a DOZEN Big Apple doughnuts. All chocolate.. and a bag of Famous Amos cooookiess.. Yummaaaay...

After dinner, I got another present from my brother, a polo T and a toy Fairlady ! HAHA.. my dad told me to water it everyday and in no time .. my real Fairlady will come ! BLARDY HELL ! it better come ! ahahahh

Wheeee I got a few other presents from Mom n Dad....

My birthday was an awesome one, although i had to spend my whole bday studying, but I loved it all !

Thank you to everyone who made my day an awesome one, Thanks for the wishes and surprises.. LOVE YOU ALL ! xoxo

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh dont I just love Fridays..

Today was Mr. Davids Birthday, he turned 29. If your wondering who Mr. David is..He is my Math lecturer. Our class surprised him today, with a cake and boy was he happy !

He gave a little speech at the end. He kinda summarized his entire life, and it was pretty interesting by the way. Fyi, he was born in China and educated in the UK. He is by far most the funniest lecturer ever.

A conversation which took place in class...

Suren : Eh Mr David ! Were there any hot chicks ah in your life?

Mr David : Actually ! We eat pork most of the time in China, once in a while only we eat chicken !


mR David and Christina

The whole class from an angle

Mr Davids cutting cake pose !

cake stabber.. ok now that sounds like airin talking..

another one of mR David and Christina

Shalini n mua

Jessica Fong... ''You cant seeeee meee''

I picked up Airin, Safiah and Lyn and off we were to Bangsar..
We ended up pigging out as usual, no surprise there eyyh? We landed up at D'heaven later at Delicious for dessert.. Oh I must say, the food at Delicious is utterly scrumptious.. YUMAAAY ! Definitely a place to try out !
On the way back, we saw this police road block and decided to be kepoh ! Lyn put down the window and asked the police guy. ''Eh whats happening ere? '' Kepoh rite ! Then he was like, ''oh nothing la, just a normal stop.. crime is everywhere''. Safiah put down the window and another police guy was talking to her.. ''Eh all chinese ah'' . Safiah replied '' Oh No lah .. got Malay, Chinese, and Indian ( fyi im Punjabi )( as usual they forget-ill get back to that later). Then the police guy was like. ''OOOHHHH good good'' .. Multi- racial dowwhh !
Then the first police guy asked for my IC and driving license.. gaaaahh.. why? cause of this kepoh lyn !
A little something from over the week...

Shalini took these pictures of my hair, she says i look ''KARAT'' with my uber cool highlights !
nyehh !

OH btw this is Shalini.. This ''thing'' over ere is what i have to put up with everyday. She is abusive i tell you.. ahhahahahahahahahaha

see what i mean ! Shalini and her sepet eyes... heeeeeeee im gonna get whacked up this Monday

Christina and Jessica Fong during LAN ..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

hello world..

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. i just felt like doing that !

oh oh will be back later to blog with my wonderful experience with my tyre puncture although its been a long over due and i will too be quoting shalini's lame jokes.. her sadarji jokes.

Currently in Taylors library being nerdy ! Sniffles ..

xoxo dope

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thursday nite @ MOS

drinking + my group of friends = ends in disaster
dO the math !

Jade, Lyn, Nick, Eddy, Azam, Max, Qing, Di Chang, Kok Wah and I decided to finish off our last days of our holidays by going to MOS. Sadly Safiah and Rin didnt come ..

Drank drank drank and danced danced danced and erm then didnt know wut we were doing ! lol

Bumped into Kauthemy, Rishi, Sundeep and the rest..
HAHA n I was accused of pulling Kauthemy's hair and lyn was accused for punching Kauthemy in the eye ! HAHAHA.. i have no idea ! ok it might have had happened .. not sure !

It was a blast ! Although in the end a lil something did happen, argh but wut the hell, its us, so no surprise there .. HAHA

I love my group of friends, were the only ones who can get ourselves in crap and fall laughin the next day when we think about it ! DRAMA as quoted by nick .. Ahhh but dont we all enjoy it !

We seriously ''cant go''.. LOL.. dont know wut ill do without you guys.. loves

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lovely Holidays.. ahhhh

On thursday, Saf, Lyn, Rin n I went for lunch in pyramid.
and guess wat we ended up doing?? ahahah
that colour sand thinggy... if u have no idea wut im talking about, there are some pictures below.
It was super di duper fun, and wierd at the same time cause everyone was glaring at us. We were acting like silly 5 year olds, but lemmie tell you it was good fun, and it felt good being young again. heeeeeeeeee

mine n lyns

our spongebob's ahahahhahaha

mine mine mine.. soooo beauuutifull !

Joined Christina for lunch at Pyramid, Pappa Rich, sat there and gosssssiped for hours. We decided to walk around and we ended up at MPH. I got a new cook book, ''Muffins and Bakes''.wOOOHHoo ! Christina bought 2 tops from topshop, and was grinning her way through the evening. Later we caught up with rin,lyn,nick and azam.

Friday night
This Friday night was a little different from the rest, rin,lyn,saf,jade came over to my place and we baked. YES we baked ! I bought this new cook book earlier that evening, and we decided to give it a shot. We baked chocolate cupcakes. It turned out really yummayy, ahaah but it didnt rise, sniffles. Topped it off with thick chocolate frosting ! yumzzz..
After our baking session, we sat down and gobbled it all. Jade packed some for eddy, safiah did the same for aqid and as for me, I did the same for mikesh.
Mikesh n Aqid approved... hmmm wonder if eddy too liked it??
It was fun fun fun... heeeeeeeeeeee

dont laugh !! gahh
I woke up and everything way okay !
I showered and got dressed ..still i was fine..
Got intot he car and fetched Max... A lil itchy
Driving.. I started biting my lips cause it was itchy
Within 5 minutes. OMG.
Just take a look at the pics below...
Im thinkin it was an allergy reaction to something or maybe even someone ! must be u la Max !
Try not to laugh !

I got laughed at !
Airin was the worst ! >> ehy look at this pic, this is why i turned down the invitation to have lunch at Raju's Restaurant !
xoxo dope

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The weekend was superb. For the first time in ages ive actually slept pass 10.00am. I relaxed all weekend long, hung around with friends, bummed ere n there, it was great.

Saturday, just us girls, Safiah, rin, lyn, jade and I got together n drove around to get some lunch. We ended up at Tappers in Jaya 1. The food there was okay, nothing much to rave about. Dropped rin and safiah back home and the rest of us met up with nick in pyramid. The plan was to catch a movie, but we ended up chit chatting at pappa rich.

Sunday, started something new.... hopefully it all turns well... had a very busy yet fruitful day. Sent Mikesh dearest to KL to catch a train back to nilai, and said bye goodbyes for the week, until Friday where i get to see him again. Ahhh long wait, but will be worth it ! heeeeeee

some pixxies of me n rin below from sunday ...
rin got her new cool black frames, and i was experimenting with them !

speaking of specs,i need to get mine done up..

It'll be a very interesting week, ive got a whole list of things needed to be done.. cant wait.. woohooo

Friday, May 22, 2009

woohoo back to civilisation

exams are all over and ive got 2 weeks of holiday, how much better can it get?

Mommy and daddy just got back from their UK trip. According to them it was real awesome. They actually went for a close friends wedding and they too needed some get away time ! Splendid for me and my brother. HAHA..

they did loadsa shopping .. chocolates chocolates.. biscuits.. peperoni n more chocolates. yummaaayy...

some gorgeous pixxies below of the bride and scenery.. heheh chocolates too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I absolutely enjoyed my weekend. I just bummed around, stayed up really late, woke up late, went out with my family and friends, went out with mikesh and shop shop and more shop.

Back to college tom.. sniffles

Oh well, hopefully its a great week.

xoxo dope

Monday, April 27, 2009

why why why?

Its hard to stay angry with you !

I feel like screaming, shouting and smacking the living hell out of you.. but somehow when u pick up my call, it all seems to fade away !
This is a really annoying feeling ...
How do you do it??

Your my occasional pain in the butt

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How could i let such a thing happen ?
Why do these thoughts keep flooding through my mind??
Is it a mutual feeling ? I hope not, then again ...

All I am sure off.. It is all impossible

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

at last !

First and foremost, this is an announcement to the world " Ive got my driving license " n yes ive been roaming the streets of Subang ! wooooott. IM HAPPY !

College is ''hectic'' ive said it once n i shall say it again ''blardy hectic''. There are never ending assignments as well as tests.. i shall not continue to grumble. Haha ..diverting to 'happy thoughts' !

Last Friday was a holiday for all SAM students, and you prolly can say i made the best out of my so called long weekend. May I remind you my long weekend also included studying for tests.. Baaahh.

Anyways, after class on Thursday was awesome, I joined nick n jess classmates for some sweaty sweaty futsal. Ive been so cooped up at home n college, some running and kicking balls were just what i needed.

The girls got together that night and dined at Bubba Gump, Pyramid. When i say the girls i mean, Jessica, Lyn, Safiah, Jade and myself. Poor Airin was missing in action, she was being a goody girl and studying at home for her test the next day. The food was really good, definitely a place i would recommend !

FRIDAY ! All the girls, went to TGIF. It was awesome fun. Mikesh came a lil later to join us !

Pixxies below ..

Long Island Iced Tea.. very strong concoction

Jade ordered this.. it must have had peach in it !


Beef Ribs

Jack Daniels Steak

Aint sure whats this..

I love this pic of Safiah n Jessica..

Our Ultimate Margarita ''frozen''

hahah.. dont ask

Donovan n Gadaffi

Soh n mua


mY mickey mouse ! hehehe